Have You Tasted the Goodness of God?

Psalm 34:8 Bible.com

Don’t Knock it Until You’ve Tried It

I love to cook and I enjoy trying out new dishes. When my husband and I were first married. he let me know right off his favorite dishes, which included basically meat, potatoes and macaroni and cheese – and that’s it!

The creative in me couldn’t stand to cook much less eat these same boring foods every night, so I got out my cookbook, looked for the most deliciously sounding recipes I could find using a variety of nutritious meats vegetables and other savory ingredients, prepared my scrumptious meal and proudly presented it on the table before him each evening.

For several weeks, the dialogue was the same each night. “What are we having for dinner?” he would ask. I’d say something like “Been stroganoff” or whatever new exotic dish I’d found to cook that day. He’d always reply, “I don’t like that!” To which I’d reply you haven’t tasted it, how do you know you don’t like it?” “Try it and see!”

He would reluctantly taste it and then exclaim, “This is really good!” And proceeded to gobble the whole thing down.” Today, he enjoys eating a variety of dishes and now whenever I try something new, his words are “That looks good!”

In reality, it wasn’t that he previously didn’t like these variety of new dishes, he didn’t know they existed.

Discovering God

Unfortunately, this is the attitude many of us often have toward God.

We may say we don’t believe in God, yet never have made the effort to learn about him or to seek him out. Shouldn’t we take the time to read the Bible cover to cover to find out for ourselves what it really has to say to us before we decide that we don’t believe it’s the inspired word of God?

There’s so much to learn about God and His Word. I’ve read and studied it all my life and I still find new delicate dishes of his grace, mercy and love every day. The incredible prophecies that have been fulfilled, the words of comfort and promises for this life and the life to come as well as the challenges to become a better person are endless and inspiring.

Open bible with red colored pencil highlights
Photo by John-Mark Smith on Pexels.com

One thing I love about retired life is actually having the time to get into the word to study and pray. When our children were young, it was hard to find one quiet minute to ourselves. I’d set my alarm clock very early just to have just a few minutes alone with God before the children woke up. Then when I worked, I’d do the same, by having a quick morning devotion and then pray in my car on the way to work.

Now as retired people, we get to take as long as we want or need each day to meditate on the Word of God, pray and seek Him. It truly is one of the sweetest blessings of retirement!

Brothers and sisters, we taught you how to live in a way that would please God, and you are living that way. Now we ask and encourage you in the Lord Jesus to live that way even more.

1 Thessalonians 4:1 NCV

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